WTHFH is springing into action!

As the weather begins to warm up and the sunshine pokes out from behind the clouds, we know Spring is right around the corner. I speak for many in the Delta telling you that we couldn’t be happier for the change in weather! After accumulating 4″ of snow two weeks ago that was preceded by frigid, cold temperatures, some southerners are wanting the summer heat. I, personally, love the Spring weather and am already dreading the humidity in the summer.

Just as the temperatures are warming up so is WTHFH. We are getting ready for the onslaught of volunteer groups coming this March to work on our 35thth new houses. We welcome four groups this Spring, back to back to back to back. The first volunteer group is coming all the way from Villanova St. Viator High School from Arlington Heights, IL. The groups will be insulating and hanging drywall in House 36 followed by mudding and sanding the drywall seams and corners with joint compound. Once that’s complete, we’ll start adding some color to the house by priming and painting! House 35 won’t be going untouched. Holy Names University will be gluing tile in the house so they can hang the interior and closet doors. It is guaranteed to be a whirlwind month of productivity, good memories, shared laughs and new friendships. It will be exciting to see how much work gets accomplished and how far we get on our two houses in 4 weeks time. and 36 University in Pennsylvania and they will be trailed by Holy Names University from Oakland, CA. Next up, we welcome George School from Pennsylvania as well and finish off the stretch with

I’ll keep you posted on our continued success and acheivement at West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity!

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