Our Wonderful West Tallahatchie Workers

Fiscal Year 2010-2011

October: La Canada Presbyterian Church, CA

A week never seems long enough for La Canada and sadly, the fun always has to come to an end. This year was even harder than last year to say goodbye. Maybe it was because it is my last year as Affiliate Coordinator so I will not get to work with group again next year or maybe because Mikey McGlashan is graduating this year and he won’t be coming down next year either or maybe because a lot of the volunteers were sophomores this year so they will be coming back but I won’t get to see them. However, despite the inevitable sadness at the end of the week, we made the rest of the week AMAZING! The week would not have been the same without the awesome high schoolers, cool moms, amazing youth leaders and Bob and Matt!

The worked hard and we played hard. Every night they always had something to do but they deserved it after a hard days work. In one week’s time they framed an entire house and erected it from a cement slab. They framed all of the walls, sheeted the outside, “rolled” heavy trusses onto the roof, sheeted the roof and put down felt paper to protect the wafer board. It’s crazy how many little details goes into building a house but Matt and Bob dotted their ‘i’s” and crossed their “t’s”. The house is sound and stable and ready to roll.

La Canada 2010

Seattle Pattens, WA

They got the entire roof done in 3 days!

They got the entire roof done in 3 days!

My mom and dad, grandpa and a family friend came down for their first ever trip to Mississippi and what do I do? I put them to work!

They spent three days up on the roof of our newest house nailing shingles. We fought with the rain the first day, which finally won and got us off the roof. The second day was an entirely different season. It was hot and sunny to begin with but by sitting on a roof covered with black felt paper and gray shingles, it’s ten times hotter! It burned your butt just to sit down for two minutes but that didn’t stop us. They were determined to get it finished (I guess I know where I got my determination and stubbornness from). On the third day we finished the roof in the wind and the cold. Luckily we didn’t blow off the roof but some of our shingles did. In the end we prevailed and have a roof to show for it. We put all the shingles on and topped it off with the Omni-Ridge Vent and for being first time roofers (all of us) it looks almost as good as professional.

Because we worked so hard – we have blisters and cuts to prove it – we got to play hard too!

Seattle Pattens 2010

Fiscal Year 2009-2010

September: La Canada Presbyterian Church, CA

October: Villanova University, PA

January: Roger Williams University, RI

University of Wisconsin Platteville, WI

Western Kentucky University, KY

March: Holy Names University, CA

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, WI

May: Sheil Catholic Center, IL

June: St. Thomas Church, IL (for 3 weeks)

Costanza Family Plus, IL

New Covenant Foundation, IL

I am even more excited for this upcoming year!!!